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There is a 25-year limited warranty on OUTDOORWERK products. This applies to defects that occur during the manufacture of the product, but are only discovered during use. At OUTDOOWERKS option, defective product will be repaired or replaced.

There is no warranty if the product has not been purchased from OUTDOORWERK or its official resellers or if a fault or damage was caused by incorrect handling, maintenance, care or natural wear and tear. The purchaser should consult the relevant instructions and recommendations in the leaflet enclosed with the product.



Knives and outdoor chopping tools

We offer a two year guarantee for material and production deficits, which means defects that occur during production but aren’t detected until the product is being used. Malfunctions will usually appear within the first 6 months of use and not after multiple years. We will repair defects or replace the knife. We will not replace knives that have been used improperly or damages that have been caused by disregardful treatment of the product. A knife is a precision cutting tool and is not to be used to break or stem. Discolouring caused by blood, saltwater or other aggressive substances as well as natural abrasion will not be covered by the guarantee. Blades broken off will not be covered. The blade will be replaced if damage is discovered to be a result of a manufacturing defect, but not if it has been caused by careless handling. Regardless of the status of the guarantee, we will always attempt to work with our customers to find a solution for repairs.


Outdoor stove

The two year guarantee for the outdoor stove is meant for material and production defects which includes defects that have been caused during production but haven’t been discovered before use. Production defects and malfunctions will usually appear after only a few uses. Obvious malfunctions will repaired by replacing parts or replacing the stove. Not included in this guarantee are damages caused by improper use as well as natural abrasion, deformation, and discolouring of the metal caused by heat. Decrease of rust resistance of the metal parts due to annealing are also excluded from the guarantee.

However, we are always ready to offer our customers a fair solution. In case of self-inflicted defects we will gladly make a repair offer.

We ask our customers to contact us in advance with questions about the guarantee and repairs in order to avoid unnecessary shipping costs.