Compact, lightweight, universal! These tools are designed for everyday and outdoor use, so you can do a lot with little.

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EDC set (Everyday Carry) with OW2 knife, saw tool, Leatherman Multitool, Space Pen, lighter. 270g fit into your pocket. A concentrated load of essential tools for everyday and outdoor use. Swiss made. Details

CHF 750.00 *


This sawtool sets new standads to pocket saws, ultra light weight, for wood and metal, made by OUTDOORWERK in Switzerland. Details

CHF 165.00 *
in stock
can be delivered in 2-7 days

Bolt Pen 104

The Bolt Pen 104 is a outdoor ballpoint pen with Space Pen refill from OUTDOORWERK. Details

CHF 125.00 *
in stock
can be delivered in 2-10 days

OutdoorTool olive wood

This OutdoorTool was developed in cooperation with the SOS Survival Outdoor School and Victorinox and was refined by OUTDOORWERK with the olive wood handles. Details

CHF 140.00 *

OutdoorTool standard

This knife was invented by the SOS Survival Outdoor School and Victorinox. Details

CHF 89.00 *
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