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The Parang chops, splits and disbranches hard wood almost as effectively as an axe and is significantly more multifunctional.

100% Swiss made

This is the parang for use areas in which hard wood is most common. In the South American jungle, the machete is mostly used to clear a path through the thicket. Whereas in our temperate climate it’s more common use is to disbranch, chop, or split wood. With its massive, convex sharpened blade, the parang is the perfect tool for this. The outward arched blade causes little friction on the wood, chops easily, and stays sharp for long periods and, because of it’s frontal balance point, conserves the users strength. The parang is perfectly suited for the making of clapboard, as drawknife and has been proven on long tours as well as with forestry and gardening. Outdoor lovers value the Parang as a tool to collect firewood, build shelters, or to build a bow. This parang was designed over serveral years in cooperation with Christof Hagen (Survival Outdoor School).


The blade
The blade of the parang is manufactured from German Boehler N540 stainless steel. This material is rust-resistant, extremely robust and is easy to resharpen. Outdoor lovers looking to be totally selfsufficient will find a perfect companion in the parang.

The Outdoor Parang is…

Robust: blade formed from durable German Boehler N540 stainless steel
Efficient: excellent for splitting wood thanks to convex shape of blade, easy to resharpen.
Multifunctional: ideal for collecting firewood, disbranching, chopping, splitting, and chopping; for use as a draw- or clapboard knife; suitable for shaping a bow


The handle
Persimon wood is used when durability is required (e.g. for hammer shafts and cogwheels in mills). The wood used in the parang’s handle comes from a closed textile shuttle factory and has been expertly stored for over 60 years. A piece of Swiss industrial history lies in the handle of the parang as well as in each of the Outdoorwerk knives.


Batoning: Wood splitting made easy
The safest and efficient way to split wood is called “batoning”: one places the blade on the wood that’s to be split and, using another piece of wood, pounds on the back of the blade from above. This method may be used if there is no stable, horizontal surface to split wood on. The parang and the Outdoor knifes are perfectly suitable for use with this technique.


The ideal shape of the blade
The industry rarely produces convex blades anymore. Hollow-cut (concave) and straight blades are easier to manufacture but are generally less stable. The convex shape is perfect for the intended applications of the parang.

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