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This outdoor tool was developed in cooperation with the SOS Survival Outdoor School and Victorinox. This version has plastic handles. It is ideal for outdoor work.

The most important features:


  •     lateral awl has the advantage of more working space than the central awl
  •     awl has a very large and efficient cutting side
  •     is easy to regrind by yourself
  •     is fixed in one direction, smaller risk of collapsing

Main blade:

  •     without sawing cut, the blade is ideal for wood carving
  •     easy to grind. With little effort, a convex edge can  be made
  •     positive lock
  •     one-handed operation


  •      large efficient scissors
  •      replaceable tension spring
  •      resharpable
  •      the underrated survival tool

Wood saw:

  •     good useful length
  •     remains sharp for a long time > occasionally clean interstitial spaces
  •     can also be used for other materials with comparable hardness

Peg puller:

  •      to open tightened nodes
  •      can be used as a pulling tool and the rest of the knife can be used as a handle


  •     for spectacle frame screws
  •     for other very small gadgets to screw around


  •      remove splinters
  •      universal mini awl


  •     arrested
  •     for coarse slotted screws
  •     multi-purpose tool
  •     as a caulking tool


  •     The OutdoorTool has a double shell in the middle for additional stiffening of the blade and screwdriver.
  •     ingenious survival knife for the craft with natural materials
  •     Unique custom made in collaboration with Survival Outdoor School and Victorinox.
  •     Victorinox does not distribute this version
  •     Version with olive wood handles available here

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