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Grinding knives Basic workshop

Build your own sharpening kits and learn how to sharpen your knives by hand. Details

CHF 85.00 / ticket(s) *
in stock
can be delivered in sofort days


Sew your own daypack. Make a noble backpack from high quality cotton fabric. Pattern available. Details

CHF 490.00 / ticket(s) *
in stock
can be delivered in sofort days

Knife making

Build your OUTDOORWERK knife and sheath in one day. Details

CHF 490.00 / ticket(s) *
in stock

Outdoor Crafts

Learning useful outdoor crafts: carving, braiding, fire making, cord. Details

CHF 190.00 / ticket(s) *
in stock

Leather bag

In this workshop, you'll sew a plain shopping bag from naturally tanned Swiss goatskin. Details

CHF 220.00 / ticket(s) *
in stock

Knife sheath

Perfectly fitted leather sheaths for knives, axes or EDC's. Learn the technique of leather hand stitching and sew the right sheaths for your tools. Details

CHF 180.00 / ticket(s) *
in stock

Knife handle

Build your wooden knife handle, from the idea to the final assembly. Details

CHF 140.00 / ticket(s) *


In this course you will sew your own matching Ultralight bag from Tyvek. Details

CHF 95.00 / ticket(s) *

Repair Day

Repair your own outdoor material: rucksack, hiking boots, tent, jackets, knives, etc. Details

CHF 25.00 / hour(s) *

Knife sharpening advanced workshop

In this workshop you will learn to sharpen knives and axes on the belt grinder. Details

CHF 120.00 / ticket(s) *
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