Outdoor Knives

Light, effort saving and tough! That’s our outdoor knives in a nutshell. Available in 5 blade lengths 4.5cm -10.8cm, they stand out with easy and effortsaving handling and longevity.

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OW4: blade length 10.8 cm, total length 22.1 cm. Our largest knife, which also offers the widest range of use, is ideal if you only want to carry one knife. Details

CHF 645.00 *
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can be delivered in 5-30 days


OW3: blade length 8.6 cm, total length 18.8 cm. Light and easy to handle but at the same time big enough for tough jobs, an ideal addition on tours when an axe, parang is available. Details

CHF 590.00 *
in stock
can be delivered in 5-30 days


OW2: blade length 7.0 cm, total length 16.0 cm. An “everyday carry knife” for daily household and outdoor uses. Solid and light as a jackknife but big enough for almost every situation. Details

CHF 490.00 *
in stock
can be delivered in 5-30 days


OW1: blade length 6.0 cm, full length 13.0 cm. Our “neck-knife”. Despite its size, it handles tougher jobs with flying colors. Details

CHF 365.00 *


OW0: blade length 4.5 cm, full length 10.1 cm. There is no excuse not to have it along. It fits in every survival kit. Details

CHF 240.00 *
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Knife book

OUTDOORWERK Knife book (german). Details

CHF 12.00 *
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