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In this workshop you will design and sew a leather sheath for your knives or tools.


  • see above right at "Dates".

(please choose above which course date)

Time:   1-5 p.m.

Costs: CHF 180.- incl. standard material

max. 3 participants

Location: OUTDOOOWERK GmbH, Ghöchstrasse 161, 8498 Gibswil




  • wishes and ideas of the participants are presented
  • possible solutions, different leather, fastening techniques are presented
  • form and technics are determined
  • fixing dimensions
  • create paper template
  • cut leather
  • test function
  • training in joining techniques: riveting, sewing by hand (saddle seam), machine seam
  • assembly
  • grinding to measure
  • finishing, planing edges
  • edge sealing
  • moulding
  • brand stamp (those who want)
  • oiling
  • final inspection
  • questions about knives and sheaths
  • (guided tour of OUTDOORWERK workshops, if desired and time)


Please send in advance by email:


  • Photo of the knife (top view)
  • Sketch of the desired sheath (photo)
  • Type of sheath: sheath (held by friction) or with strap/push button?
  • Joining technique: Hand sewn, riveting, both? machine sewn (experience has shown that machine sewn is too difficult for the participants)
  • Attachment to belt: yes/no, strap, clip? Draw on sketch
  • Specials?


Bring it:

  • sketches, ideas, pictures, examples of the case you want to build
  • knives for which it is to be built
  • if necessary special, own mounting clips, which you would like to have
  • work clothing

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