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100% Swiss made

OW1: blade length 6.0 cm, full length 13.0 cm. Our “neck-knife”. Despite its size, it handles tougher jobs with flying colors. It was designed as backup knife in case the larger blade should get lost. Because it is carried around the neck or in the pocket it can be used as a reliable troubleshooter.


The outdoor knifes are:

Edge-retaining the robust Elmax powder steel keeps the blade sharp for long periods of time.
Efficient easy carving, cutting, splitting thanks to convex shape of the blade.
Versatile the right blade length for every use and personal preference. Even the smallest Outdoor Knife masters tough outdoor work.


The knife is one of the oldest tools of mankind. The knowledge from the traditional blacksmiths and the newest technological advances has been combined in the development of these knives. The result is a knife that works precisely und efficiently. Its blade is long lasting, robust, and easy to resharpen.


The Outdoor Knives are available in 5 different blade lengths from the versatile all-around knife to the mini knife which is small enough to fit in a survival kit. All blades are convex shaped, which influences cut and split performance and raises each knife’s lifetime. All wood and tailoring work can be reliably and efficiently done with the outdoor knives.


The blade
The blade of the Outdoor Knife is made out of Swedish Elmax powder steel. It’s tough, rust resistant, stays sharp for long periods and, with a little practice, it can be easily resharpened.


On of a kind in every detail
Every Outdoorwerk knife is one-of-a-kind, developed and produced by hand with care down to the smallest detail. Like a good friend the outdoor knife will be a reliable companion in countless circumstances.


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